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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer hospice care?

Hospice is offered and is a family choice. We align with many Hospice providers to assure continued loving care when hospice services are needed.  Our residents usually decide to stay here in their home during their hospice care.

Do you offer independent living?

We currently only offer assisted living and personal care. However, many times we have residents that live independently that need care for a little time after a medical incident or surgery. We can offer that respite care for those living independently.

Is there a waitlist to get in?

With 10 licensed beds we often find ourselves with a wait list. But we encourage families to contact us today if they need care now or in the future. We have many resources that can assist families in need if we have a wait list. Call us - we can help.

Do you offer home care medical services?

Many of our residents receive medical care from their preferred licensed provider in their home here. Including, home care medical services, home care physical therapy, home care respiratory services, and more. While our team does not provide the services, we work together with those providers to assure compliance with directives are sustained for optimal health.

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